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Grateful Dead Live at Buckeye Lake Music Center on 1994-07-29

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Grateful Dead Live at Buckeye Lake Music Center on 1994-07-29

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Rain, Feel Like A Stranger, Bertha, Wang Dang Doodle, Loser, El Paso, Althea, Eternity, Deal Foolish Heart-> I Want to Tell You, Looks Like Rain, Samba In The Rain, Uncle John's Band-> Saint Of Circumstance-> Drums-> Space-> I Need A Miracle-> Standing On the Moon-> Turn On Your Love Light, E: The Mighty Quinn*

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Buckeye Lake Music Center
Location Hebron, OH

Source Audience: Schoeps MK4's
Lineage Schoeps MK4's (FOB, spread 12') > DAT > Tascam DA-30mkII > Soundblaster Live s/pdif > SoundForge 4.5 > mkwACT > SHN
Taped by
Transferred by C. DiPietro


Schoeps mk4 (12' spread FOB) > DAT; DAT3@44.1> Tascam DA-30mkII> SBL spdif> SoundForge 4.5> wav> MKW> shn; unknown taper- uploaded by C.DiPietro; note both regular and fixed d1 md5s were submitted to db but no further details were provided


Reviewer: Carebear1966 - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 11, 2011
Subject: The "RAIN" theme at Buckeye!
I remember it started raining when Traffic was playing "Rainmaker" and as I watched them covering all the equipment I thought Surely, they can't play with all the rain and lightning! BUT ~ as always, they did! Standing on the Moon is my favorite memory of that particular evening!!!
Reviewer: sbrew - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 9, 2011
Honestly set 1 takes a long time to get going. Garcia is a ghost of himself for most of it, mumbling words, barely playing, until the end when he finally kicks in.

Yes, set 2 is great.

But, boy, weird how no one mentions the rough bulk of the first set.
Reviewer: ehfan4life - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 30, 2011
Subject: what a show (~);}
on this day 17 years ago.....good ol ohio i type this the sky is doin it again..givin me goose for the show..what else can be said...Grateful Dead + Buckeye Lake = super sweeeeeet ...seems like yesterday.....
Reviewer: nigeldavahah - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 8, 2010
Subject: great show great recording with crowd noise ! and storm noise!

I saw this one !
Reviewer: gr8ful1971 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 28, 2010
Subject: Gr8ful to see this one
This show was the best i ever saw!
Reviewer: agstwst33 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 19, 2010
Subject: What a Day this Was.....fungus and Molson Golden,mmmm!
I had fallen asleep on the way to the lot that morning,we had stayed up all night in a parking lot w/other lot rats a few miles from the venue.I awoke in the back of the truck,Sweating!!...I mean sweating was real humid,and was actually lightly raining outside the truck.I opened the camper shell,to find my friends sitting in a tent across the way,waving me over,I ran to them and was instantly offered a handfull of"mush"and hot "Molson Golden,"in the can.Needless to say,the rest of the night was spent in a parellel universe.I wandered the neverending fields of grass lots,in a daze but eventually I scored a ticket and was treated to Jerry."I Want to Tell You,"was sweet.
Reviewer: zeppozilla - - June 11, 2010
Subject: Note to DSSCOTT
Sure, stoned adventure stories make for great fun, but unless you can download the experience on here, try and stick to the music itself!

Really dicknose? How about you eat me. F You and F your family. If you really think there are some rules to leaving rating comments, you need to get a clue. The reveiws section in the GD archives are all about perspective. If you don't think that comments on the scene of a show are relavent, you have NO clue.
Gosh I wish I knew you so I could go to a show with you- that would be a riot.
Reviewer: GratefulDoug1 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 5, 2009
Subject: Looks Like Rain
There were a few Summer gigs that were always the hot tix to have for any summer Dead tour because you know the band loved to play there. Deer Creek, Alpine Valley, and Buckeye Lake (AKA Ledgend Valley) were a few of them. I live in Columbus so it so very cool to have a show in your back yard. It had rained all week and Buckeye Lake is a big mud bowl in the middle of farm land in central Ohio. The ground was soaked but that did not dampen the fans spirit or the bands performances. Traffic opend up and of course did Rainmaker and when the Dead hit the stage everyone was soaked by the summer rains. 10's of thousands mud soaked twirling dead heads abounded and everyone was stoked for a killer show and the band did deliver. One of the best shows I had seen in a long while. The band had re-energized themselves in the mid 90's and was selling out venues and putting on stellar performances. By the beginning of the 2nd set the rain had stopped but by that time everyone was covered in mud and having a blast dancing in the mud, or rolling in the mud, or wrestling in the mud. The real fun was when the show was over and having that many people trying to go up the steep hill to the parking area in ankle deep mud. Throughout the whole show the band was smiliong and having as much fun as we were. They showed their appreciation by putting on a stellar performance that day. the Uncle Johns kicked butt and the Mighty Quinn encore was one of the best I had ever heard. Many fond hallucinogenic enhanced memories from that show. Thanks for keeping the music alive!!
Reviewer: nofukenway - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 1, 2008
Subject: heaven in the rain
I does rain in heaven because we were there...A majical night of rain and music....
Reviewer: bowen - - December 25, 2007
Subject: Buckeye, trippin' in the rain!
My buddies and I drove fifty odd miles south to get there but it took 2 1/2 hours because the rain was just pouring down so hard that we literlly had to pull off the road at one point because I couldn't see the road! The wipers couldn't even keep up with the rainfall! When we finally arrived we immediately scored two tickets for 40 bucks a piece and some "Felix the Cat" (We were offered "Beavis" and "Jesus" as well) from a couple sitting under their hatchback ducking the rain and debating whether to go in. (They even threw in a couple kind beers! Heard The Dead opening with "Rain" just as we were going through the gates. Lots of unfortunate people were looking for "miracle tickets" because someone had counterfeited and sold a bunch of bunk ones. The entrance was downhill with a nice above view of the thousands of wet dancin' heads! The summer rain bothered no one. The rain subsided by the second set and everyone was spinnin' in the mud. The scene afterwards was awesome! We met a few friends, had a few balloons and scored some shrooms and nugs to take home and share. Unforgettable experience!
Reviewer: PlantTrees - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 10, 2007
Subject: ..when the rains came..
TRAFFIC & the Dead; priceless ! !
On November 10th, 2007 Michael Love said:

Best show i have ever attended. TRAFFIC, the Dead, and a THUNDERSTORM that was magical ! Music was bang'n! The gift from the heavens that day was incredible. When the rains came, Traffic was at 'one' with the universe as they transitioned with/to the Dead. Nearly unbelievable that lightening and rain limited its energy to electrifying the air and not the ground. As for the plastic 'tarps',.. i only had to take one step back to avoid them. ...i already had my shirt off so as to be ready for when the rains could i miss the chance to kid-up with that rain...(i'll not forget the smile from an angel who helped me up when i slid on the mudbank). ..7.29.1994 was nearly too good to be true. ?did you get your 'Plant Trees" bumper sticker in the parking field? Please, always be mindful that Conservation Matters, and do your part to stop energy waste !
Reviewer: wheelssurf - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 29, 2007
I remember holding up one wool blanket for 7 of us after Traffic, while it DUMPED. They set up the stage it seemed like for years. They covered the PA's with plastic and we thought for sure there would at least be a very long delay. Then the tunning stared and the rain quit, the sun came out to show us the last of itself that day, setting behind the stage...rain, stranger...
Does anybody remember the "COWLUMBUS" deal at the end?? The heads all running down through a field as if something dangerous was chasing them, then over the crest of the hill come...cows? Then the screen goes blank and the word "COWLUMBUS" is the last thing you see. Ha ha
Nothing prepared me for the fun I was about to have at the end of shakedown though. Remember that fairly steep, very muddy hill that was at the end of shakedown??? I went down on my stomach twice, then I tried my rump. WOW, that was a blast and well worth the bruises.
Back to our tent at the camp ground(a mile away or so) to find everything totally submerged...We stood laughing as we realized why no one took 'that' camping spot, we referred to it as the 'bowl'. This was my last show, and the music was not as important as the friends and as always the comfortable, consequence free place to be. It was a great last visit home.
Reviewer: dscott - favoritefavorite - August 11, 2006
Subject: There is no "scene" on this recording, kids.
Relevant things to comment on or give a rating to in a review: Sound quality - pretty good here for an aud in the Cutler era of inferior mixes. Performance - not perfect, a bit sluggish in spots, but generous quantity and a unique, drippy intro to SOTM. Cuts / Problems - I can't believe I'm the first person to point out that about 20 minutes of Drums->Space is missing!!! This is a big problem, as for those of us who enjoyed the music and not just the party, the improv section wasn't just a bathroom break.
Irrelevant: the scene commentary. Sure, stoned adventure stories make for great fun, but unless you can download the experience on here, try and stick to the music itself!
Reviewer: Zeppomania - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 13, 2006
Subject: So long pals
Music 3 star, Scene 5 star (averaging to a 4)
This was my last time seeing the boys, and for that it's very sentimental to me. The scene at Buckeye was really fun. The day before the show we drove from the Rochester NY area in my old '76 love van that got about 12 mpg. We heated beans and spaghetti-ohs on the engine block between refills! The van was loaded with 70's carpeting on the walls ceiling and dash, about 25 loaves of bread, 15 lbs of sliced cheese, and a bunch of canadian beer. We parked on the corner of some private lot for like 4 bucks, and sold grill cheese ("1 dollar! Jerry eats here!") the night before the show, and partied hard with all the great friendly people. The next morning our friends found us and we all went into the official parking area and sold more grilled cheese! Split the proceeds 3 ways and then walked around and bought some tickets! We had enough for gas money home and a few small pieces of paper. True flying by the seat of your pants fun- and it all worked out. The show was a blast- the weather kicked up during Traffic and then it really poured. We all just danced harder and I commend the GD and the crew for dealing with such weather, I think the wind was blowing right at the stage and I remember Bobby's guit acting up early on. As a totaly trivial note only I would recall, there were more porta-johns at Buckeye than any other venue I have been too. I have this hilarious photo of me with my gallon jug of water permagrinning in front of this archway that read "JohnnyLand"! Anyway, I could do w/o the Vince songs, but Samba took on new meaning and his singing isn't too bad on this one. I am grateful to find these files to replace my aging and worn tapes.. which I really haven't played in years. Still, being the last show I went to, it' makes me a little sad, and I would say musically nothing compares to my fav years- 88 to 91 (RIP Brent) but thanks so much (again) to for helping bring back and allowing me to archive some memories!
Reviewer: Big J - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 9, 2006
Subject: Crazy Critics
You know, on tour there was always someone with something negative to say after every show. I never understood that, frankly. This show was awesome. My buddy and I pulled the bus into a farm full of dead heads in their element. Sure, it was hot, but the scene was amazing -- fields and hills of busses. I think there was something like 80,000 people there, or more. My buddy and I went to go find where the stage was (the farm was huge) before the show, thinking we'd find it and then mull around for a while enjoying the scene. But when we found it, they had just started letting people in, so we ran in -- completely unprepared, no shirt, no shoes, but running like crazy to get to the stage. We ended up being no less than 40 feet from the stage, dead center, and it was the best show ever. My buddy could have powered an entire city from his shaking once the rain came, but the suffering was worth it -- we had a blast -- the rain stopped eventually, and we were warmed by good fellowship and some other, more material substances. Traffic was incredible, and for the dead to come out and start with rain, that just set it off. The connection between the audience and the band was amazing -- whatever about the sound - the vibes in this show were right on. Bob was on fire in probably one of the best "looks like rain" ever, and vince was blazin. And by the time they played standing on the moon, the sound was absolutely crisp, though it might not come through in the recording -- not to mention they freakin played love light. Just an amazing show - I figure any negative reviews must have been inspired by some failure to score, or some other inability to connect with vibes of the show. And after the show, we didn't mess with any traffic, we just camped on the farm and drove out easy the next morning. Awesome show, probably one of the best I ever saw, and I saw quite a few all over the country.
Reviewer: lobster12 - favoritefavorite - June 3, 2006
Subject: fooled
dabbled on this one because of a pretty cool set list. I was duped. playing does not reflect the list at all. Something's off big time. If i were a musician I could pinpoint but since I'm not I'll just say, "disappointing in a major way."
Reviewer: jackospax - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 18, 2006
Subject: 2nd show
God bless my Mom. I was 16, and having seen the Dead for the first time in March, I wanted to get to another show anyway anyhow! Mom is definately NOT into the Dead scene, but she got tickets, drove me there through the awful traffic, and stuck it out all the way through late in the second set- she decided it was time to go during space. She was quite freaked out by the crowd for sure, but did say she enjoyed the music- especially El Paso, a tune she recognized...
I love you Mom!!
Reviewer: deadfoot13 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2006
Subject: Have you seen my brother?
I have looked for this recording for a long time now; I'm elated that I found it! My husband and I, his brother, and a friend traveled out from NY to meet up with my brother and his wife, and my cousin and his girlfriend. My brother showed up at the campground the morning of the show in time to have some special ;) brownies for breakfast, and we planned to meet in the parking lot at the show. Didn't find him there, but the scene was fun and we figured we'd meet up inside. Traffic was good and while we were waiting for the Dead the rain came; at one point there were so many of us crammed under one tarp that I could lift my feet off the ground and remain upright -- someone whose arms were free was passing around a fatty and holding it up for those of us whose arms were pinned. I can't really say that the sound quality was the best, but I think a lot of it had to do with the rain and it turned out to be one of my favorite shows. The song choices were entirely appropriate and more than made up for wet underwear and muddy feet. When they started out with "Rain" it was like it all made sense and I didn't stop smiling for the entire show. Oh yeah, never did meet up with my brother or cousin until after the show, when I bailed my brother out of jail at 2:30 in the morning. It's a good idea to make sure your clutch works when in Ohio because the jerking motion of the vehicle when trying to shift sans clutch is apparently a bona fide reason to pull your VW bus over and haul you off to jail for 1 can of beer (unopened), 2 roaches and 6 seeds.
Reviewer: strangecaptain - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 14, 2006
Subject: Didn't get in and glad about it...
I have been looking for this show for quite some time. I had a life changing experience in the lot. Meadow... Road Dog... Thanks! I would like to meet you two again someday! Actually, I wrote up that evenings events as a web log entry here:

Anyway... I have always wondered what kind synchronistic magic the Dead were weaving in the show while high mystery was rearing it's gorgeous head out in the lot. All those rain songs!!! LOL!!! Thanks for making this available,! This is a fine thing you are doing here! To rate the sound quality of this recording, 2 stars... It is okay really, but after hearing some of the amazing audience recordings (which I prefer over sbd's) on this site (e.g., 11/1/85), 2 stars it must be. I give it 5 for sentimental value, so averaging those and rounding up, 4 stars it is!
Reviewer: broketoe - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 20, 2005
Subject: what are all those people doin w/ balloons?
first show(late comer)....walkin in there blew my mind like nothing else i've ever been a part of. it was like bein a kid and finding yer ma in a busy department store after you had lost her and lost hope. there was that same sense of elation where yer face kind of expands and you shine with a little hint of brilliance.... i ran into the lot as if i were divin back into the primordial ooze... some of that could be taken literally cause it was a wet and muddy one one. buckeye is a giant mudfest waiting to happen... a big plot of rollin ohio grassland.

anyway, the show's actually somewhat hot in places. not bad for '94... i remember bein mind -fucked by the DEAL... in the last solo i couldn't for the life of me remember what the hell song they were playin. jerry was rippin it per usual in that solo. must be a comfy spot for him...don't let anybody fool ya, jerry was no prop that night... quiet and somewhat still, but he turns it on in some spots. the first set was unusually long which leads me to belive they were havin fun. UJB from scratch was exciting and the QUINN is strong as usual. I WANT TO TELL YOU is tight as well.. god dammit, i love these guys. gotta give it a five it was my first!!!
Reviewer: EstPrpht08/12/79 - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 22, 2005
Subject: good and bad memories
My friend drove 9 hours to meet us. He hadn't slept or eaten anything in 24hrs and we drank a case of moosehead before the show. We bought some tabs from a stranger on the trek trough the mud on our way in to the show. He collapsed early in the first set and I had to drag him through the mud to the Med. Tent! We had a perfect seat for the second set.

Foolish heart was great, and Mighty Quinn gave me chills, I named my dog Quinn after....

note: Doesn't anybody remember that TRAFFIC opened this show?
Reviewer: igrowthehydro - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 29, 2005
Subject: Yes~
I wrote a long pre re-listen review to this show- and it disappeared. Oh well.

It was my first show, long overdue, and all the reviews above are INCREDIBLY accurate about the show, the rain etc. Someone even OD right in front of me at the beginning and it was crazy I think the person died not sure. Security guard looking at me screaming for a DR....surreal.

The show was amazing. After relistening a few times I love it more- how ironic was it that the song Uncle Johns Band got me into the Dead- and was played from scratch as previously noted- a nice 20 minute version amazing.

I have had fun showing these review to my younger brother whom never saw Jerrry- this was a time I travelled from Florida to Ohio to see the Dead and it was so fantastic. Great show fudge the negative reviews it rocks. SOunds like being there in the crowd.
Reviewer: Cucumber - favoritefavorite - October 30, 2004
Subject: A Last Visit
Old men milking it for the money - this was my last show. Jerry was basically a stage prop. Almost all the guitar you hear was Bobby's. I had fun but by then, the music was extremely weak, the scene big, so I just grooved out with friends. Too bad but everyone gets old and damaged, i guess.
Reviewer: auggie - favoritefavorite - October 7, 2004
Subject: Not Worth It
This show is not worth the time at all. It might be if the SB becomes available so that you could hear the stage banter and song calls a little better. This was because the in ear monitors were not working too well so you here a lot of things over the PA. Quality is lacking for a FOB AUD maybe because there was an umbrella over the mikes.

Garcia is slow and his vocals are strained at times. As Hunter put it, "where there once was many notes there are now few". The rythm section smokes but that little twist at the end of Garcia solo that makes songs so sweet is missing.

I also was there and never liked Buckeye Lake and vowed after this show to never go again. It was something like 90 degrees in the afternoon and the vending was off the hook. Many young kids that could not handle whatever they were on and lots of ticketless heads there for the party. Once inside it went from 90 degrees to 60 degrees as soon as the rain came through. It was miserable and they played like sh*t. They never really did play a good show at Buckeye Lake.
Reviewer: DeadheadDan - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 19, 2004
Subject: Long, long, crazy, crazy night
No doubt one of the best shows of the year, unfortunately for me I missed most of the first set (finally meandered into the venue in the middle of Althea). My older bro and I dropped a tab and were too busy laughing our tails off in his car, not realizing that the standstill of "traffic" had actually turned into the parking lot as people pulled to the side of the road, turned their cars off and headed inside. We figured it out eventually. He didn't seem to mind much, but I'm still bothered to this day at having missed the Rain, Stranger>Bertha opener.

Alas, the second set was long, juicy and well played. What a gorgeous venue---basically a stage set in a valley of trees in the middle of nowhere. We stood right in front of the soundboard so the sound quality was amazing. A long, bouncy Foolish and a tear-jerking LL Rain with neon blue lights made me forget about missing most of the first set. I remember wondering if Samba would lead to drums only to have UJB start from scratch, which seemed a bit rare these days (almost always comes out of some jam--Playin, Corrina, et al). It was a nice touch and led to a strong Saint for good measure to cap off an excellent pre-drums segment. By the time the encore rolled around it was past midnight and officially my birthday (7/30). The joyous Mighty Quinn bustout had my bro and I slapping high five as he wished me happy birthday on the Deads' behalf.

Get it!

Epilogue: (For those questioning this show based on the above reviewer with negative comments about this show: I would just add that while Garcia is unquestionably the spiritual inspiration for us all, he didn't seem that off to me. Not to mention there are still 6 other extremely talented players in the band that can carry a groove like few others (see current '04 Dead for more evidence). It's all about opinion though and everyone's is valued. But one final note: The Stranger jam absolutely smokes!!
Reviewer: sharkman - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 29, 2004
Subject: A wet one
Wow talk about rain. Jerry was a bit off but over all not too bad. I just rember that rain the entire 1st set with nowhere to hide.
Reviewer: Nanker Phelge99 - favoritefavorite - July 28, 2004
Subject: With Great Respect for Other Reviewers... A Thumbs Down
Ummm...this was my last of many GD shows and I thought at the time that it was the pits. I downloaded the show and it's truly the pits. The recording is a superb audience capture and sounds just like it did standing there in the rain. But I started missing JG in 7/94 because he just wasn't on board for this show. He's nowhere to be heard during the Stranger jam (it peaks without him!), Bertha, the Uncle John's Jam, Foolish Heart, and even Deal (a sure jam tune). When you do hear JG it's only stiff, broken phrases instead of solos, (no, the trumpet doesn't help) and even weaker vocals. Bob & Phil try, Vinnie tries, even the drummers are punching it when they can, but JG can't seem to step up to the plate, no one is leading the band, and the tunes never get off the ground. I give it two stars for the Samba - nice vocals VW ! - and the "Want to Tell You" - again, VW's vocals shine in the choruses - and for everyone else's unrewarded effort. This show wasn't worth the drive, the traffic delay, the rain, and the hotel and not worth the download. Sorry.
Reviewer: MasterE - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 29, 2004
Subject: Wonderful show!!!
I remember Phil walking out with an extremely large wave to the crowd while we were all standing in the Rain....hence, the "Rain" opener. What a treat. 1st set was good. The band was in good form, smiling and sounding well. 2nd set is where all the shit went down. Sick Uncle Johns. Miracle smoked...Lovelight smoked even more, and the Quinn encore was perfect. Probably the best version they've ever done. No kidding! Definately worth the download!!! I will certaintly miss Buckeye Lake as it was one of the coolest outdoor venues ive seen, besides the Gorge of course!!
Reviewer: bobdavid - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 21, 2004
Subject: Rain
What a great show! We got soaked, muddy and our battery died after the show but I'll never forget it! The Mighty Quinn was a real highlight!
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